Top Four Ways To Keep Cats Away From Your Yard Or Garden

If you have a delightful garden in your home or enjoy having a yard with lush green grass, the last thing you need are cats running around in it. They can be a disadvantage to the plants and vegetables you are trying to grow, and the well-maintained yard you must protect. What can you do to avoid this? These are the four ways to keep cats away from your yard or garden. Pest Repeller Insert a pest repeller such as Preditorguard Pest away in your garden. This product, and products alike, will provide forty feet of protection. As soon as a pesky feline enters this area, the repeller releases an ultrasonic noise only they can hear, frightening them away instantly. These types of devices also give out an ultra-bright strobe light for extra protection. Citrus Peels Place citrus peels such as orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit around your yard or garden. Cats detest the smell of citrus, so it provides an easy way to keep them away, and it won’t be harmful to them since they are non-toxic. This method is also cost-effective since fruits such as these are non-expensive. Essential Oils Cats dislike the smell of essential oils, so using these to deter them will provide you with a successful procedure. Some of the most recommended oils to use are Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Lavender. Combine these oils with some water and spray it all over your yard and garden, and you will have perfect protection. Motion Activated Sprinkler Using a motion-activated sprinkler is another excellent way to keep your yard safe. The water and the sound will both provide defense against felines from entering and invading your space. It is also a pleasing way of keeping your garden and yard watered at all times without having to do it yourself. Using a repelling device, citrus peels, essential oils, and motion-activated sprinklers will keep your yard and garden cat free. Now that you won’t have to worry about them running around and digging up your plants and dirt, you will be able to enjoy yourself and watch your plants and grass grow as intended.