Storage Ideas: Use Your Creativity

Our house is a space that we want to make the most of with the goal of keeping and organizing everything we have. Fortunately there are original STORAGE IDEAS that make this task easier. The key is to use creativity to find new spaces to store objects. For this purpose it is necessary to study every corner of our house and apply ingenious ideas.

-Design a distribution that orders and sectors the different environments of your house. Today we can find storage spaces in all sectors of the house. Choosing multi-functional furniture can be a great help in achieving that goal. You can acquire beds with storage in the headboard, pouf containers, sofas with “hidden” storage, etc.

-Create corridors with double function. Use this part of your house to hang or store bedding. Place shelves to store books, records and magazines. Place space-saving shoe containers.

-Create a balance between the objects you have and the space you have. Make an inventory of all your objects, analyze the space you have and determine what use you will give to each room in your house. Keep in mind that you may not need everything you have to store. Give away or donate to charity what you don’t use.

-One of the best STORAGE IDEAS is to invest in shelving. Place them as high as possible to make the most of the air space. The shelves also serve to decorate your space, since there you can display the objects that you like the most.

-Use an old ladder to hang up your clothes. First you must clean it, fix it and paint it in a nice color. Install it on the wall in a horizontal position and use it to hang your clothes.


When you organize your home space, maximize your creativity. STORAGE IDEAS can take advantage of any corner of your home.