Simple Bedroom Storage Ideas

It is not easy managing storage space in a small bedroom. You need to be creative and equipped with patience as there are a few solutions but it will not be easy. It will also require a bit of investment if you truly want to increase your bedroom storage. The first thing that you can do is look at options for storage under the bed. There are wooden boxes that you can fit under the bed. Just get them a couple of inches lower than what you think is the right height. The reason for that is that you will install caster wheels. The caster wheels will make it easier to move the boxes or pull them out even if they are loaded with heavy objects. You can install the caster wheels yourself as you will find everything you need in any hardware store. Another option is to consider overhead storage. The wall above the bed can be used to add more storage. You can use suspended cabinets. This is more difficult to install and you may require help. What is important is to find overhead storage that matches your current furniture. This storage option is more expensive than getting a few wooden boxes that can be hidden under the bed. Lastly, you can invest some money into two multifunctional nightstands. They will offer a bit of extra storage space. Try to get models that have the same height as your bed. Also, they need to have short legs as taller ones have very limited storage space. There are some other ways you can improve bedroom storage. However, without a considerable investment in redesigning the entire bedroom, you will not be able to go beyond the options listed above. Depending on how much storage you need, you might be able to get enough with some under bed storage and a few overhead shelves. If that is not enough, maybe you should consider decluttering for some extra bedroom storage.