Kitchen Ideas

If you want to give it a touch of color and modernism with pleasant accessories that will accompany you when cooking, choosing suitable furniture or distribution in the kitchen design that is modern at the same time, this is the key to creating your environment and feeling good in a place that occupies an important position in the house.

Here are some tips and kitchen ideas:

-An island mode kitchen is a good option for kitchens with very wide spaces, this is an additional surface to prepare food or use it as a breakfast table;

do not hold back on choosing it with drawers or cabinets, this will save space to store whatever you want.

-If you want a square concept, the best way to distribute is in a “U”. resulting in practical and functional. Whether for large or small spaces, the goal is to use one side as a counter and bar area, and the other for the kitchen and sink.

-You can also distribute in the shape of an “L” is another option for reduced measures, achieving a large work surface without recharging too much. So you can place a dining table on the free wall.

-The recessed sliding doors are an option that does not subtract meters and allows you to take advantage of the wall to place an extra piece of furniture.

-The corner modules are removable; You can also take advantage of them in any structural elements such as empty spaces, if you choose custom furniture, you gain the feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

– Adding a column with removable shelves will allow you to quickly access what you keep in each of them.

– A removable wardrobe inserted in the corner, helps you to take advantage of all the free background, managing it easily.

– A large display case with glass doors is ideal for storing ornaments, tableware, and serves as an ornament without the need for regular cleaning.

-A small piece of furniture above the sink will serve you to store cups and glasses with easy access.

– Kitchen furniture can be easily transformed, changing pieces and painting or applying imitation types of vinyl that give you fantastic results.