Home Decor Ideas

Home decor ideas for this season: The decoration is a matter of the original tastes of each one, but some tricks must also be put into practice that makes it easier for us to decorate the interior of our house. Here we tell you some tricks that you should keep in mind when you are going to decorate your house and do not fail in the attempt: 1. SIMPLICITY It is easier for you to get the decoration right when you choose simple and basic furniture, in the case of the living room, the sofa, the central table must be of simple designs. Remember that less is more. – A sofa that has smooth upholstery is more versatile than one with prints, so you can choose cushions without the headache that harmonize with your sofa. – If it is with light upholstery, it gives you more options to choose bright colors, so you can add rugs, chairs in stronger tones than the sofa to your living room. This without asking yourself whether it will fit with your sofa. The colors we are talking about are gray and white. -. A simple and discreet center table (with simple lines) will give you the freedom to add furniture of any style without completely changing the decoration. So the idea is simple: furniture without ornaments or with subtle and simple ornaments, with basic designs. 2. SEEK THE LIGHT A room that turns dark will give the illusion that it is smaller than it is. Also, the lack of light makes the intense tones look more muted and dull. Even if you don’t have very large windows that go from floor to ceiling, there are several ideas to make your environment look full of light and tranquility. – Try to paint the ceiling and some walls in white tones, so you will reflect the natural light and multiply it. – Try to choose white curtains for your windows, with the idea of tone the light and not cutting it off. – If the tone of the floor is dark, get carpets in lighter tones that give lighting the more texture they have, you will achieve that the environment is cozy and bright (textures such as wool, feathers, etc.). 3. MODERATE TRENDS: Who would not like to have their home with the latest trends in decoration? But is it really necessary to make exaggerated changes to achieve it? To avoid changing the furniture every time you want to redecorate, try to make your decoration tend to be in accessories that are easy to replace without making changes to the large and key pieces of the space. The best candidates for a beautiful home are accessories such as cushions, vases, paintings, trophies, and any accessory that gives your home a modern touch.