Home Decor Tips

Good ideas and tips for decorating is ingenuity, creativity, and good taste, these are essential to creating environments with personality and comfort. These resources are important to save and obtain great solutions in home decoration. That is why we leave you 5 home decor ideas:


1.- Less is more in decoration

This is the golden rule when you want to decorate interiors, you have to put it into practice at all times, avoiding overloading the spaces with furniture or accessories. The idea is to get a light decoration and that of spaciousness to the place.

2.- Take all measures

The mistake before buying furniture is that the measurements are not taken from the place, buying by the eye can cause the furniture to be disproportionate in our home. If you do not want this to happen you must write down the measurements of the rooms including doors, windows, and pillars.

There are also online decoration programs and applications that will help you with the decoration project so that you do not lose any details of the rooms.

3.- Decoration of rooms with free space

For this idea, you must have free spaces to enjoy a cozy living room. For this, do not buy ornaments, furniture that is too large that overloads the room and saturates it.

4.- Small living room decoration style

When you have to make decorations for small spaces you should choose a personalized and simple decoration, for this, you must choose in styles such as contemporary, minimalist and modern.

These styles are simple with straight lines that have common characteristics that give the feeling that there is more space, creating the most serene and clean visual effect.

5. Types of sofas in small living rooms

The idea of choosing a sofa is to see the space where it will be, so the decoration of small rooms should avoid too ornate lines, you should choose sofas with straight lines and smooth upholstery with neutral colors that add to the environment without standing out too much.