Evironmentally Lifestyle: Begin With Yourself

The planet is suffering in countless aspects due to the aggressions of human beings. Fortunately, more and more people are aware of this and are committed to an ENVIRONMENTALLY LIFESTYLE. Those who want to behave in a way that is friendly to the planet and the environment can begin with themselves. Today, sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition are detrimental to individual health and the environment. However we can improve our health and the health of the planet through small but valuable changes in our daily routine. Moving more and eating better will positively influence the environment. Leaving behind sedentary life Environmental pollution is largely due to pollutants emitted through public transportation. The most harmful to the air we breathe are: carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, among many others. For this reason it is recommended to minimize the use of cars, buses, trains, etc. An ENVIRONMENTALLY LIFESTYLE invites walking and cycling. Get into the habit of walking as much as you can, go out and ride your bike with your friends, use stairs instead of the elevator. This physical activity will get you in shape, burn calories and put you in a good mood. You will pollute the air less and everyone will benefit. A healthy diet for everyone An ENVIRONMENTALLY LIFESTYLE implies a healthy diet. Today the products we eat contain too many chemicals that damage the ecosystem in the long term. This has a negative influence on the water we drink and on the land where we grow our food. For this reason we should choose organic products, seasonal fruits and vegetables, non-processed foods and products that do not contain artificial preservatives. Getting used to eating natural foods immediately improves our physical and mental health. We also discourage the production of industrialized foods that harm our bodies and the environment in general.