Environmentally Lifestyle: Ecological Habits For Healthy Skin And Hair

Healthy and beautiful hair and skin are built through correct routine habits. We buy products of famous brands that ensure us a high effectiveness. What few people know is that many beauty products contain harmful contaminants. These products may beautify us temporarily but in the long run they are harmful to our health and the environment. An ENVIRONMENTALLY LIFESTYLE will lead us to choose the right products and acquire ecological habits. In this way we will guarantee the good health of our skin and hair and we will do a great good to the ecosystem.

Choosing the right beauty product

Many skin and hair beauty products contain chemicals that harm us and also damage the ecosystem. An ENVIRONMENTALLY LIFESTYLE involves correctly differentiating the products we consume. Many shampoos, styling creams, conditioners, anti-aging creams, body lotions, hand creams contain ingredients that temporarily beautify hair and skin. As time passes these products impoverish the texture of our hair and skin.
We should avoid these harmful substances: parabens, silicones, triclosan, oxybenzone, synthetic fragrances, octinoxate, among others. These components contaminate the soil, water and air. We must read the labels of the products we buy. If they contain the ingredients mentioned, do not buy them.

An eco-friendly beauty

Hair and skin beauty products should be eco-friendly, as they will never be harmful to your health. An ENVIRONMENTALLY LIFESTYLE promotes that beauty products are made with natural ingredients and that they have gone through an ecological and non-industrialized process. A good ecological beauty product should never contain pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. These substances are highly aggressive to the skin and hair. We should prefer natural, ecological and organic cosmetics that use nature to beautify us. 

Organic beauty products come with a certificate that guarantees their natural origin. This allows us to use them with peace of mind, knowing that we benefit the environment.