Environmentally Lifestyle: Avoid Harmful Habits To Benefit The Planet

Throughout history and especially in recent years people have adopted habits that are harmful to their health. These habits not only destroy their bodies and minds, but also the environment. The consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and illegal substances damages health in every way. Tobacco, alcohol and drugs have an incredibly negative effect on nature. When we smoke, the cigarette emits harmful substances to the air we breathe. When alcoholic beverages are made, a lot of water is wasted. Drugs pollute natural resources and threaten biodiversity. Adopting an ENVIRONMENTALLY LIFESTYLE is the only solution to stop these damages.

Becoming aware

Many people already know how harmful habits such as smoking, excessive drinking and illegal substance use are. It is also necessary to know that any of these noxious habits harm the planet we inhabit. This will help people to become aware of how dangerous cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs are to the soil, air, and earth. Families, schools, mass media and hospitals are the institutions where people must be educated to choose a healthy life. An ENVIRONMENTALLY LIFESTYLE benefits every human being on the planet, in addition to benefiting the ecosystem. People should know that they can have a good time without the need to adopt habits that are destructive to themselves and the environment.


Fortunately those who have problems with alcohol, cigarettes and illegal substances can get help in different ways. There are free institutions that assist them in overcoming different addictions. However, the best solution is prevention. 

An ENVIRONMENTALLY LIFESTYLE promotes good health in every way, as well as a strong commitment to the ecosystem. Awareness of how dangerous tobacco, drugs and alcohol are puts people on alert to take another attitude. Improving one’s own quality of life directly benefits the health of the planet. The key is to take a solidarity stance that benefits us all.