Common Mistakes And Precautions For Living Room Design

Getting the living room wrong is very easy. When designing the living you need to pay attention to details and have a clear image in your head on how you want to make it. Knowing a few tips can help avoid common living room design and make the most out of the space. 1. Do Not Place The Couch By The Wall If you have a large living room, it makes no sense to place the couch next to a wall. It should be sitting somewhere in the room in such a way that there is still some area left behind it. For small living rooms, you may not have any other choice but to put it by the wall. 2. Light Furniture Color With Low Ceilings Using dark colored furniture in a living room that has a low ceiling will make it look more cramped and unwelcoming. This is a common living room design mistake. Use lighter colors for low ceilings as they will make the space roomier and will favor natural light. 3. Do Not Create Too Many Storage Areas Your living room should not be a storage area. Avoid cluttering the place by having too many cabinets or shelves. Keep things organized and let the room feel airy. Having a cluttered living room will make it feel unwelcoming. 4. Get The Right Furniture Size There is no point in getting an oversized couch if it will fill up the room and leave barely any space to walk around. Floor space is limited and you should take into consideration that the couch will not be the only piece of furniture in the living room. It is better to get a smaller couch to leave some floor space for some armchairs and a coffee table. This is yet another common mistake in terms of living room design choices.