7 Very Recommended Comfortable Throw Blankets

Besides being able to warm the body, throw blankets can also be sksen for your sofa, chair or bed. There are many types and motives and can be found on the market, here are some recommendations.

1. Karnus Sherpa Blanket

Available in 3 color choices, luxurious and beautiful velvet blankets suitable for various bed sizes will make you very comfortable. This blanket is machine washable and reversible.

2. Dedrick Shaggy Super Elegent Sherpa Long Fur Throw

A throw blanket made of faux fur looks luxurious for your room. Can be placed on the sofa or bed adds luxury but provides a definite warmth. How to clean it is also easy, just put it in the washing machine. Available in 23 colors.

3.Nader Tweed Knitted-Design Throw

This throw blanket is made of polyester and has a knitted surface accented by the knot end of the tassels that doesn't wrinkle easily, which can beautify the space as well as keep it warm. Easy to clean in the washing machine.

4. Mountain Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Made from woven fleece and comes in 2 beautiful colors, this blanket is comfortable to use on your favorite chair. How to clean it is simply put in the washing machine and reversible.

5. Landsdale Luxury Blanket

6 pretty colors to choose from from this quilt. Made of polyester with satin borders filled with polyester fiber, it's a hypoallergenic alternative to down, making it a perfect fit for a comfortable, sensitive sleeping pad. The treatment is just put in the washing machine.

6. Geoff Blanket

Coming in 13 colors to choose from, this comfortable blanket is made of 100% premium Polyester, lightweight and breathable, perfect for year-round use. Extremely soft brushed and shaved knit fabric and velvety sheen and silk touch for its opulence. How to clean it is enough to wash in the washing machine.

7. Leachville Corduroy Plush Down Alternative Blanket

A comfortable blanket made of 100% polyester with a distinctive striped corduroy pattern can warm you up to the fullest. The cleaning method is simply put in the washing machine.