3 Tips To Help You Determine The Perfect Place And Height For A Mirror

One of the common décor tips that people look for is how high they should hang the mirror. The answer is not that straight forward as it is not an exact science. What you can do is follow some guidelines that are considered best practices by experts in interior decorations. Even if some of these guidelines may seem very straight forward, many get them wrong when placing their mirror decoration. 1. Where will it be placed? You need to determine clearly where you will place the mirror. By this, we do not mean the room where it will be placed but the exact place on the wall. It is important to determine if the wall on which the mirror will be hanged already has furniture obstructing it or if there is a painting near the spot. 2. Think about balance. When you determine the spot for the mirror, the height will be pretty much the same, regardless if there is furniture beneath it or above. The important aspect to think about is that you cannot place a large mirror next to a delicate piece of furniture or a very small mirror next to a massive piece of furniture. 3. You should be able to see your face standing. The right height to place the mirror is around the shoulder and head area. You should be able to see your entire face while standing. Also, the mirror should be high enough so you can see a bit above your head in it. If you are using a larger mirror, it should place in such a way that you only see yourself from the waist up. This rule should exclude large mirrors that are supposed to stand on the floor. One of the most important tips is to never use excessively large mirrors in the living room. It will seem as if it does not belong in the décor. Mirror decoration is all about balance and good taste. Home improvement and interior design can be challenging. If you do not have a clear vision, you will end up in frustration and an incomplete home project. One popular trend is to go for sustainable materials and decorate the interior if you are concerned about the environment. You can get amazing products to decorate your and we have 4 great ideas that you can put in practice.